Real Life Eerily Parallels Lax Bro Stereotype

18 Feb

Those of us who studied at colleges on the East Coast are probably familiar with the stereotype of the “Lax Bro.” Now, stereotypes are often based partially on the truth, but not this much. See if these facts sound familiar…

  • Daniel Brown is a banker out of Manhattan, who makes $120,000 a year at Sovereign Bank.
  • While searching his house, cops found cocaine in a safe.
  • They were in the house to search for evidence against Brown in a sexual assault case, brought forth by an ex-girlfriend.
  • During the alleged assault, Brown beat the woman with a lacrosse stick, yelling “you ruined my Thursday night!”
  • The complaint also says that Brown “punched her in bed, smashed her face into a mirror and rammed his fist down her throat to make her throw up.”
  • As part of his defense, Brown will use a secretly videotaped consensual sexual encounter with another woman where he used his lacrosse stick with her consent.
  • He played lacrosse at Ohio State University and had a domestic violence conviction from those days.

Sounds like every one of the horrible stereotypes confirmed, in one case.

Silhouette of Daniel Brown

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