Three Fascinating Food Stories

28 Jan

1) The Dark Side of the Bird (Slate): Who knew that in 2001 (a peak) the United States exported over 1 billion pounds of dark chicken meat annually? This article examines what the USA plans to do with all that meat, since exports to Russia have dried up. It’s also an interesting examination of why we prefer white to dark meat.

2)Offal Chef Chris Cosentino Is Happy to Make a Meat Dress for Lady Gaga (Vanity Fair): Cosentino runs a restaurant called “Incanto” in San Francisco and specializes in offal cooking. That involves cooking with body parts of animals that you might not ordinarily consider (brains, hearts, kidneys, sperm sacks). He has a simple philosophy for getting you to try these foods: “Harden the fuck up and try it. It’s not like you’re going to a restaurant and they’re putting a pile of dog shit in front of you.

3) How Many Bugs Are Allowed in Your Pasta (Salon): Probably don’t want to read this if you’re eating. The FDA has guidelines for how much “foreign matter” is allowed in your food. Yeah, the guidelines are pretty shocking. For popcorn, the food is okay if it has less than “20 or more gnawed grains per pound and rodent hair is found in 50 percent or more of the subsamples.” Eat up!

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