Spam Text Prevents New Years Eve Massacre in Red Square

28 Jan

One of Russia’s most popular newspapers claims a potentially devastating New Years Eve suicide bombing was prevented only because the would-be-bomber received a spam message that caused her weapon to detonate early.

The woman, who belonged to the same group as the suicide bombers that attacked a Moscow airport earlier this week, planned to detonate the bomb in Red Square during the New Years Eve celebrations. If successful, the bomb could have killed hundreds of people. Just hours before the planned attack, the woman’s mobile carrier sent her a “Happy New Year” text message that caused the device to detonate.  She received the message while in her apartment, and the blast shattered windows nearby.

Islamic terrorists in Russia frequently use explosives that are detonated by text message. The technique allows for a handler to watch the bomber, and detonate the device when it can cause the maximum number of causalities possible.

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