Links: 10/1

1 Oct

Wow, how is it already October?

1) And the Winners Are….On September 30, the Ig Nobel Prize awards were given out. These awards hail achievements in research that “first make people laugh, and then make them think.” See the complete list of winners here. My favorite award went to a team of scientists that researched fellatio practices in bat.

2) Speaking of “Research”: One recent Duke graduate created a “thesis” of all of her hookups, going into excruciating detail about each man she slept with. You guessed it. That list is now on the internet.

3) San Francisco’s Gay Community Speaks Out: A group of adult, well-adjusted gay people send a video postcard to all teens who feel isolated and alone, reminding them “It Gets Better!”

4) Wash Those Bags: One reporter demonstrates that reusable grocery bags may actually carry millions of bacteria, if not washed between uses.

5) Street View Now On All Continents: Google now shows scenes from Antarctica.

6) Jack Johnson Is Awesome: Even if I’ll miss his show this weekend.  His new video called “At or With Me” features SNL star Andy Samberg.

7) Wait, There’s Another “Law & Order”: Yes, and this one is based in Los Angeles. The Los Angeles Times created a front page ad for the show, featuring fake content. Surprisingly, some people object.

8) Every Life Matters: Words to live by. Read this.

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