1 Oct

We came out on top at trivia last night. Out of the 9 teams, we took the entire $45 pot. The categories:

1. The Beatles— Did you know they were the Quarrymen before they became the Beatles? We missed that one, but got a bonus point for knowing Pete Best was the original drummer.

2. Twin Peaks— No one in the bar liked this category at all.  I learned later that the show lasted two seasons, was set in a small Washington state town and followed the FBI’s investigation of a brutal murder. One question: name the fictional soap opera that played throughout much of the first season. Yeah, we didn’t know that one.

3. NFL Coaches— Yeah, I rocked this category and I have no idea how. We got all 6 questions right. I got that Jim Mora was responsible for the legendary clip below and remembered that Ray Rhodes coached the Eagles from 1995 to 1999.

4. Cities Before They Were Cities— Before it became New York, it was known as New Amsterdam. Mumbai was Bombay for years. Didn’t know what Melbourne was known as (and still can’t remember).

5. Washington State History— Another category where our performance was average (luckily none of the other groups liked these categories either). A previous trivia night had asked for Washington’s date of founding so we got a point for remembering 1889 exactly. Treaty of Oregon? Pig War? Didn’t know those tidbits.

6. Technological Innovations— This was the visual round. We nailed pulley, electron microscope, antibiotics and sextant, but missed the ballista.

All and all, a great success.

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