Links: 9/22

22 Sep

1) Jimmy Carter Was a Normal Boy: On an appearance on The Daily Show, the ex-commander in chief declares, “as a young man, I was not 100 percent against…” before Jon Stewart cuts him off. The reference is to Delaware Senate candidate Christine O’Donnell’s 1990s crusade against masturbation.

2) A Sight for Sore Eyes: A photographer who watched the test drops of the Atomic Bomb shows his pictures and narrates the events.

3) What Social Network?: An interesting look at the early days of, complete with damning IM convos.

4) Do Your Homework: Rather than doing that, a 17-year-old boy in Australia nearly took down Twitter.

5) An Unusual Smuggling Plan: Ok, want to smuggle some heroin into jail for your son? Here’s the plan. To avoid detection, put it in your butt to start. Then, passionately kiss your son so that he can swallow the drugs. Wait for them to emerge on the other side and sell them. What?

6) Iceburg Right Ahead: An author reveals how the Titanic actually sank. Bad driving.

7) Check Out The Office: A cool promo for the upcoming 7th season.

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