Links: 9/20

20 Sep

1) Foxy Knoxy Coming to Lifetime: The infamous American will be played by Hayden Panettiere in a Lifetime movie, scheduled to air next year.

2) No One Liked It: Italians also hate Julia Roberts’ “Eat, Pray, Love.” They’re not alone.

3) Republicans Aren’t Alone in Hating Immigrants: Democrat Walt Minnick bucks that trend in Idaho. He attacks his opponent for his work as an immigration attorney.

4) Five Billion Pictures Later: Flickr hit that milestone earlier today when user “yeoaaron” uploaded this picture.

5) An Inside Job: Recently unearthed evidence suggests that a mass murder of Native Americans in the American Southwest was committed by ethnic rivals. 

6) Incredible Pictures: Photographer Thomas Hawk took some amazing pictures of the San Bruno aftermath. The Californian pipeline explosion killed at least 7 people. Now, some fear that New York City could be at risk, as well.

7) Next “Avatar” Will Be (Filmed) Deep: James Cameron wants to explore the Marianas Trench for the sequel to the hit film. I guess he has no budget. Only two people have ever been down to the deepest point in the ocean before.

8) Uhh… Consumer Service: A new website provides regional prices for marijuana. Don’t pay too much.

9) Scary Stuff: The anti-whatever-new-and-scary movement has struck again. In Sweden. This time an anti-immigration far right party won 20 seats and upset generations of political thought in the country.

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