Links: 9/14

14 Sep

Seems like a pretty quiet day in the world, but here are some things worth reading.

1) People Research That: A scientist predicts what Marie Antoinette would look like with 21st-century plastic surgery. Why?

2) The Results Are In: No, not in the primaries across the country.  Instead, a report out today declared the 2009 “Cash For Clunkers” program a clunker.

3) British Teen Banned From United States: Don’t send drunken, hate-filled e-mails to the President of the United States.

4) A Root Beer Stand Out of… Root Beer: A colorful story from the Freakonomics guys about restaurants running out of their namesake food.

5) Obama’s New Book: Apparently, the guy signed a three-book deal earlier in the decade. He needs to write one more. Ergo, “Of Thee I Sing,” a children’s book, will emerge this fall.

6) Another Shady Purchase: Israel just bought the twitter username @israel from a Miami-based porn site owner.

7) Most Motivated Voters This Year: The award goes to— Stephen Colbert?

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