Links: 9/13

13 Sep

1) Facebook’s Image Problem: A profile of CEO and founder Mark Zuckerburg comes out in the New Yorker. It’s long, but gives the impression that Zuck is really no different than the rest of us (though he once called users, “dumb fucks”). One critic saw the upcoming biography of the site called “The Social Network” and confirmed that the movie may bring the site some bad press. Maybe it’s because some of the more racy scenes remained in the movie.

2) Get the Election Party Started: The fall election cycle is about to heat up.  Check out ten of the closest Senate races. This comes at the same time that news has emerged of dead people campaigning against incumbent politicians.

3) GaGa Excites Millions of People: She announced the title of her 2011 album, which will be called “Born This Way.” She sang the chorus of what will be, presumably, the title track of the disc.

4) Remembering the Victims of 9/11: The Boston Globe has an amazing gallery of various images from 9/11 remembrance events.

5) Reason for a Bad Baseball Team: With the Washington Nationals continuing to struggle, writers are looking for an explanation. Now, two op-ed writers may have found the answer. The Curse of Abraham Lincoln’s Assassins.

6) ITunes Instant: On the heels of Google’s big announcement last week, a new searchable version of iTunes has emerged. The cool part: it was invented by a 15-year-old.

7) A Busy Guy: Cops in Paris are going after a man who allegedly fathered 55 children with 55 different women.

8) An Unusual Ally: Sharks may have found a friend in a strange place. Survivors of shark attacks.

9) From the Archives: The first-ever “Mountain Dew” commercial.  The product has changed a bit over the years.

10) An Easy Mistake: But, a really bad one. A school Trophy Club, Texas suspended a boy for having bloodshot eyes. They thought he had been smoking marijuana. In reality, his father had just been murdered and the boy had been crying.

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