Strangest Gelato Ever

10 Sep

Sorry, this one comes from Seattle.  I was in Fremont last night, checking out the murals of graffiti artist who goes by the name “Henry” and finding the hidden troll under the Aurora bridge (he’s eating a VW Bug):

The area is really cool, and pretty darn unique. I’m a huge fan of the sign to everywhere in the world, located in the center of Fremont. Another cool landmark is the statue of Lenin, located in the center of town.

Located right behind Lenin is a gelato shop. They had a wide variety of odd, and some traditional, flavors. Seeing how I just came from Italy, I opted for the unusual. I tried Strawberry-Jalapeno gelato, which was delicious. Then, remembering that we’re outside of the Lenin statue, we were allowed a Lenny scoop, or a small dab of ice cream right on top of everything else.  With that, I tried Pineapple-Basil, which was also delicious.

All and all, a great hit.

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