Links 9/9

10 Sep

1) I Know Books Are Becoming Rarer… but: A copy of the original work of John Audubon’s Birds of North America may fetch as much as $8.8 million at auction. Only 119 copies of the book exist (in the first edition) and 108 of them are in museums or private collections.

2) And You Thought Ashton Was Extreme: Take famous Iraqis and accuse them of being terrorists. There’s Punk’d in Iraq.

3) Supersize That Coffee: Owing to customer complaints about a “cluttered” menu, Starbucks has removed the tall (small) coffee options from its drive-through menu. That leaves just 16 and 20 ounce drink options.

4) I Agree With Sarah Palin: Yep, you read that right. It looks like most conservatives, including the ex-Alaska Governor oppose a rally that would burn Korans. Finally.

5) Technology Updates: Google Instant is instant in almost all cases. Unless you want to search for sexy things. It is, however, faster than the past version of Google Search. Also, check out this interesting list of how your favorite companies like Twitter, Apple and Yahoo got their names.

6) Sexy Carrot Commercials: Baby carrots want to become the next hot snack food.  Here’s how they’re going to do it.

7) Not Kid Friendly: Restaurant bans screaming kids.

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