Links: 9/6

7 Sep

1) Check Your Sources: Another embarrassing slip-up for a member of the news media.  A Washington Post commentator referenced a tweet from Rep. Jack Kimble of California.  Too bad… he doesn’t…exist.

2) I Wanna Find Some Equality: I’ve been really impressed with Slate, of late.  This story about income inequality in the United States is extremely well-done.

3) Go Anywhere…for free: Want to travel around the world, but don’t have any money? Globe Genie will use those creepy Google Street Views to take you anywhere for free. Really cool.

4) More Bad News for the Dems: One incumbent senator is down 30 points in her reelection bid. It could make for one of the worst losses for an incumbent ever.

5) Military Opposes Koran Burning: General David Petraeus opposes an organized burning of the koran on September 11. Thank god.

6) New Movie Idea: The 106-year-old virgin.

7) What Will You Do for $5?: A site where people offer services for $5.

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