The Power of Social Media

6 Sep

This week has produced a wealth of interesting stories that focused on social media.

1) The Power of Twitter: I still run across many people who are unconvinced by the power of Twitter.  They don’t see how it could positively affect people on the web. The Discovery Channel Hostage Crisis story should change that.  Real-time updates allowed for the drama to unfold (complete with pictures).

2) Celebrity, Unplugged: This week marked the one year anniversary of Kanye West stealing the spotlight from Taylor Swift. In a strange, and often rambling set of tweets, Kanye finally apologized for his behavior and responded to many of the criticisms he’s heard for most of his career. Worth the read.

3) Puppy-Throwing Girl Caught: Earlier this week, a horrifying video (DISTURBING IMAGES) emerged of a young girl throwing puppies into a river.  Thankfully, the police have caught her and a woman saved five of the six puppies seen in the video. Police credit the video with allowing them to catch the girl.

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