Squid Ink: It’s Dinner

4 Sep

After the lost kiddies were reunited with the rest of the group, we decided to go grab some grub. We wandered into a tiny little alley (which still seemed to attract a bunch of traffic) and found a nice, little restaurant.

The group was split into two because they couldn’t fit all 14 of us at one table, in spite of the fact that the restaurant was empty. The menu offered a wonderful collection of odd dishes. Some of the kids were brave enough to try some of them. One of the most adventurous, which I had previously tried, was squid ink pasta.  The pasta includes some of that black ink from squid that fishermen bring into their nets.

Squid Ink Pasta or, Pasta al nero

In spite of the appearance, the pasta was actually quite good.  Another odd pasta that appeared on the menu is called spaghetti alla carrettiera.  The dish consists of pasta with tomato sauce, fresh tuna, two types of mushrooms, and pancetta.  It seems like an odd combination, but it’s delicious.  Here’s a picture.

Spaghetti alla Carrettiera

It was a really nice restaurant for our penultimate dinner of the trip. Tomorrow, we’ll finish things up.

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