Links: 9/3

3 Sep

1) How the Homeless Might Spend Money: An article I meant to share with you earlier this week.  One reporter gives out 5 gift cards to homeless people and asks for them back.  [Freakonomics]

2) News of the Obvious: D.C. drivers are the nation’s worst. Wait, what does that mean about me?

3) Nailin’ Palin: An unflattering piece in Vanity Fair about the ex-governor emerges.  Long, but worth the read.  Could be worse for her, the author claims.

4) Apple’s Ping Struggles: Along with the launch of several new Apple products, the company unveiled its music social networking tool, Ping.  Now the reviews are out.  Not good for the company.

5) New Facebook Stalker Button: They aren’t calling it that, but the company has plans for a feature that lets you “subscribe” to a friend’s feed.

6) Epic Sports Fight: No, not the Washington Nationals/ Florida Marlins brawl.  This sport is much more vicious.  Tennis.

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