Links: 9/1

1 Sep

1) Cool Music: upcoming musician Scott Bradlee takes the top 10 songs of the week and turns them into a 1920s ragtime remake.

2) Whale…err…shark of a tale: This big fish was caught in the Potomac River yesterday. I’m not going swimming there. Well, I wouldn’t have anyways.

3) What if politicians actually asked citizens?: In this case, a reporter actually asks local citizens and real people about recent plans to change Social Security. No spin here. Politicians could learn something.

4) Back to School: If you’re a 5 to 15 year-old student in one Scottish school, you should bring your lunch money and iPad!

5) New Advertising Technique: Perhaps, you’ve heard about the recent plight of bees. Well, one company has an innovative solution to raise attention to the problem.

6) Coolest Office Ever

7) Wasted Evening: One man had a rough night out.  Yeah, he lost a painting worth $1.3 million.

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