Here’s Looking at You, Creep

1 Sep

We’re on the train headed up to Venice and the last couple days of our trip :( I’ve split the kids into two different cabins, each with six people in them. Little did I know what trouble this would cause.

At the first stop, both cars started to play a game. They did this on their own, not realizing that the other car was doing this. I should also mention that one car had five girls and one guy (I have to keep continually mixing up the cars). How this game worked: It’s actually extremely simple. The entire car would wave at a random person and they would see if the person would respond. Both cars played this game, but with slightly different constraints.

Grace and Sam played version 1

Version 1: Played by the predominately male car.  They would wave at people outside the train and on the platform.  They reported some great successes, including a group of nuns and a five-year-old boy.

Version 2: Played by the mainly female car.  They waved at people both outside and inside the car.  This was fun for a while, but then they waved at a group of three Italian young guys.

The guys thought this was an invitation to come into the car.  So they did.  The people in the car were initially impressed and enjoyed the new company.  Then, they were ready for the guys to leave.  And… they didn’t.  I was hesitant to get involved.  From my point of view, they got themselves into this mess and could work their way out of it.

But it continued and I felt the need to get involved.  As I walked down the train car towards the girls’ car, these guys scrambled off. Their harassment was over.  Everyone learned an important lesson about unintentionally flirting with people on trains.  It was a quiet rest of the trip.

The creeps looked something like this

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