Randomness from Cortona

13 Aug

The city of Cortona gave our group so much in the way of random memories. One night, we decided that we’d hike to the top of the mountain to catch the sunset.  The walk was a stark contrast to the usual walk down the hill from our hostel that can be seen below.

Walk into town from the hostel

So that night, we hike and hike.  The group is following me, thinking that I know the way.  Hahahaha. Of course, I don’t.  I figure instead that walking upward is the right way and that eventually we’ll make it to the top.  We do eventually make it to a road that looks like it might take us there, so we stop for a picture before the sun sets.

Sunset pic!

Cute.  Well, we keep walking and determine that the road will not take us to the originally envisioned top.  I decide, instead, that we should head down for dinner.  The kids (relectantly) agree. But not before Nolan decides to disobey my orders and start climbing up the ivy on the side of the road.  Once he makes it up 15 feet (on an incredible jump by the way), he decides he’s stuck.   My exact words were, “Golly gee Nolan! Dang nab it.  You sure got yourself into a real fine pickle this time.”  Or something like that.

As always, we’d finish off our nights in Cortona with a group meeting in the boy’s room.  Then, some of us would stay and play cards (and I would win).  One night, everyone made a big deal of my sandal tan.

Jump to the last night.  We decide to go out to dinner with Serena.  I pick this restaurant that appears to have just re-opened after a holiday.  I’m super excited.  I make reservations and bring the group down.  Well, everyone first of all decided to get dressed up, which was really nice.  We get down there and the place is packed.  I can’t figure out why for a second, but then I realize.

The World Cup final is that night.  By chance, they’ve placed us in front of this huge screen where you can see the finale.  How cool.  Then, it comes time to order.  Serena pushes me (along with the kids) to have wine with dinner.  I cave, but blame her if I get in trouble.  Our antics were caught.

Our last supper

I’d point out how bored Bajia seems and how creepy Sam appears. After the meal, we head out into the piazza and catch the end of the game.  We go to our favorite meeting spot and challenge three of the Landon kids who come by to a game of mafia.  Someone, of course, kills off one of our new guests the first round (nice job guys) and the others are awkwarded out.  At the end, one of them murmurs to the other Landon kids, “come on guys, let’s go get wasted.”

We go back into the piazza and take some pictures.  Photographs were a common part of the trip and some really awesome ones were taken.  This night yielded mixed results.  Look below for a creepy one and a cute one.

It’s like Psycho and Nelly Furtado (“I’m Like a Bird“) came together and were bred with the cast of Jersey Shore.

Ah, a normal picture taken with Caitlen in the piazza.  And gelato.  Mmmmmm…. gelato.

And with that, I can say “Bye Cortona!”  It was real ganzo (cool).

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