Lady in Red

13 Aug

One man’s TMI (that’s “too much information” for anyone who isn’t hip out there) made me think back to a funny incident that occurred to us in Cortona.

I was walking to the grocery store today at work, looking for a quick afternoon snack. As I cross the street, a young man pulls up next to me.  He’s chatting on his cell phone.  Well, really yelling. It’s impossible not to hear what he’s talking about.  Why do people have to yell?  Does it not upset anyone else?

Well, Mr. Young Businessman wanted to have a chill evening yesterday, but some of his “bros” called him up and asked him if he wanted to get a lap dance.  I missed the next bit, but heard it again when he said, “Yeah, and then we did the Ecstasy.”

This reminded me of a young woman we saw in Cortona.  As I mentioned before, the main piazza often plays host to weddings (often of foreigners).  One day, after class, my kids wanted to go to this restaurant that overlooks the main piazza.  You can the balcony of the restaurant in this picture.

A view of the restaurant balcony

From the restaurant, we had the perfect view of everything in the piazza.  I got pumped immediately.  I saw that in a little bit a newly-married couple would leave the church.  Yay! The kids would get to see an Italian wedding. A short while later, I saw the groom and a lady leaving the church. They walked down the steps to showers of red rice (an italian tradition).

I figured the lady was part of the party but not the bride, and thought it was weird he wouldn’t walk out with the bride. But she couldn’t be the bride, I thought.  Not in a dress like that…

Now that’s not her, but she looked close to that.  Hardly bride attire.  Well, I guess it is.  But, it gave us an impression about her.  If a white wedding gown gives the impression of purity and innocence, well, this dress gave the opposite impression.  The kids made jokes about her the rest of the day.  I hope the couple is happy.  Even with that dress.

Pretty close to the dress

A funny final part to the story of the guy on the cell phone.  I had been looking to try one of these two new restaurants that have recently opened in D.C. Good Stuff Eatery and We, The Pizza (in spite of its hidden website) have earned lots of praise, and I really want to try them.  As I’m walking past my new cell phone friend, I look over.  There they are.  Right next to each other and in a location I’ve walked past 20 times already this summer.  Every day.  I’m so silly.

A quick interview on Good Stuff Eatery (I’ll let you know how it is):

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