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Quinonez Wilson Scores Goal From 270 Feet Away

14 Apr

It’s pretty safe to say that it will take a long time for anyone to top this goal. Colombian goalkeeper Quinonez Wilson scored on a free kick from 83 yards away. That’s more than 270 feet away from the goal. Following the goal, he received a yellow card for removing his shirt in celebration. Some people claim this is a new world record, but who knows. Also, note the lack of people in the stands.

No idea who played in or who won this game.

Darren Taylor Jumps 36 Feet Into 12 Inches of Water

21 Mar

Professor Splash sets new world record

From 36 feet above the pool, Darren “Professor Splash” Taylor jumped. Now that would not be impressive, but he jumped into 12 inches of water. Not only did he survive, he set a world record in the process. The event occurred in Trondheim, Norway and dozens of people turned out to see the Professor jump.

In related news, apparently shallow diving is a thing.