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Incredible Video and Pictures From London Riots

10 Aug

For the fourth day in a row, a series of violent nighttime riots swept across the United Kingdom last evening. The disturbances turned deadly as three young men in Birmingham were murdered. Haroon Jahan, 21, Abdul Nasir, 31, and Shazad Ali, 30 were protecting their neighborhood from the rioters when a car ran them over. Another man who was assaulted by protesters in Enfield also died last evening, bringing the total deaths in the riots to 5.

Many point to the death of 29-year-old father Mark Duggan as the spark to the riots. According to limited information from the police, Duggan was a passenger in a taxi that was stopped. At some point during the stop, shots rang out and Duggan was fatally wounded. Information about his background remains uncertain, with some people alleging Duggan was tied to a violent gang.

At what should have been a peaceful memorial service to Duggan, violence suddenly erupted and has not stopped since. The Atlantic Wire has an excellent roundup of the various theories about the causes of the riots.

Sky News reporter Mark Stone was on the front line of the riots and actually tried to interview some of the looters who were savaging Clapham Junction.

Look at this unbelievable image as a fire tears through a building in Tottenham.

Fire in Tottenham

One of the most uncomfortable and shocking exchanges occurred on the BBC. Writer and intellectual Darcus Howe was interviewed live on television by presenter Fiona Armstrong. The exchange quickly turned to deeper racial issues in English society. Armstrong at one point asks, “You are not a stranger to riots yourself I understand, are you? You have taken part in them yourself.” Howe responds, “Stop accusing me of being a rioter and have some respect for an old West Indian Negro, because you wanted for me to get abusive. You just sound idiotic – have some respect.” The BBC has since apologized for the interview.

Here is an incredible picture of a woman jumping from a burning building into the arms of rescuers below.

Watch here as rioters attack police officers in Woolwich.

Ben Schoefield tweeted some amazing photographs of the violence in Liverpool, including this amazing picture of his car on fire.

Back to Mark Stone for a short video showing the violence as looters smash windows and try to rip televisions off the walls of some stores.

A horrifying image of a double-deck bus on fire during one of the first nights of the riots.

Finally, there is this moving speech from a West Indian woman in Hackney. She urges the rioters to stop, pointing out that they are destroying the businesses and property of their hard-working neighbors. The speech has explicatives and is NSFW.

Want to Buy This $123 Million Home?

11 Jun

Now at its lowest price yet! Updown Court calls itself “the most important residence to be built in England since the 19th century.” Right. Well, it’s located just 25 miles outside of London in Surrey and has a lot of stuff going for it. First and foremost, it is “larger in area than both the royal residences of Hampton Court Palace or Buckingham Palace.”

Among the simple, creature amenities of this home: five swimming pools, 103 rooms,a $6 million marble heated driveway, a 50-seat home theater, an eight-limousine garage , a two-lane bowling alley, and a panic room. The price has been dropped to a new low price of $123 million (down from $143.5 million). So, get on that. I can’t escape the feeling like I would get lost here.

Here’s a tour of the residence to save you the trouble of visiting:

Funniest Royal Wedding Picture Stars Grace Van Cutsem

29 Apr

Take a look at the happy couple’s first kiss and then look at the bottom left corner. Someone wasn’t happy. Update: her name is Grace Van Cutsem, and she is the great-great-great-granddaughter of William Waldorf Astor.


Man Buys $221 Million Apartment

19 Apr

Hope it has a good view. An anonymous Ukrainian man purchased “Flat A” at One Hyde Park for $221 million in 2007 in cash. The man will likely spent 60 million additional pounds (or $98 million) to make renovations to the apartment. It came with bare walls and no furniture. Most of the properties in the complex have already been bought, with over one billion pounds spent on purchasing the 45 properties.

What does the shocking amount of money buy? Lots. The apartment covers the top three floors of the complex. All residents have a staff of 60 Mandarin Oriental hotel trained staff on site 24/7. Flat A comes with bulletproof glass and a panic room. All residents have access to an exclusive private cinema and lots of swimming facilities. Oh, and a 999 year lease.

2 Stories of Gay Discrimination and the Inspiring Responses

17 Apr

Unfortunately, discrimination remains a fact of life for many people whose only crime is showing the world who they are truly are. Thankfully, there are lots of other people out there who remind victims of discrimination that they are far from alone.

1) London, UK: Jonathan Williams and James Bull were finishing up a very happy first date with a drink at the John Snow pub in London’s SoHo neighborhood. After a while, they began to kiss. This disturbed some patrons. After a while, somebody claiming to be the landlady asked them to leave because their kissing was bothering some of the patrons. A plainclothes officer said she had the right to ask them to leave. I have to say that two people kissing is probably one of the more innocuous things to happen at a bar during a busy evening.

So yesterday, hundreds of people attended a kiss-in outside the pub in question to protest the treatment Williams and Bull endured. The pub decided to close down and forfeit an evening of profits rather than open in the middle of the protest. Human rights campaigners from all over London attended the festivities. Word is that the happy couple at the center of the story will go on a second date sometime after Easter. Hopefully, it will be a little more low-key.

2) Brazil: At a semifinal match last week in a prominent Brazilian volleyball league, the fans erupted in cheers of “bicha” (which means “f****t”) in Portugese. Those cheers were directed toward a member of Vôlei Futuro named Michael. He was forced to come out to the press saying, “I’m gay. Everyone knows who I am. My team fully respects my sexuality.”

So at a second semifinal, the team showed Michael how much they were behind him. During warmups, the entire team wore pink jerseys as a sign of solidarity and the team’s libero, a player who wears a different color jersey than everyone else, wore a rainbow-colored tee shirt. The crowd displayed a large banner that read, “Vôlei Futuro Against Prejudice” and had thundersticks with the word “Michael” on them to drown out any potential homophobia that erupted during the match.

They won too.