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Stanley From The Office Goes Crazy on “2 Be Simple”

29 Nov

Who knew that David Leslie Baker had such a crazy life? Unlike his character, Stanley Hudson on The Office, Baker apparently loves entertaining the ladies in a one piece outfit at his lavish mansion. Presenting “2 Be Simple,” his first single.

Baker teamed up with N.U.M. (which stands for Nuthin Under a Million) for the single. It is heavily auto-tuned, but still really kind of amazing.

Justin Bieber ft. Rascal Flatts— That Should Be Me

16 Mar

Bieber with Rascal Flatts

When I saw this, I wanted to cry. I actually like some of Rascal Flatts music. Talk about selling out. Maybe this is the worst song ever.

“That Should Be Me”— Justin Bieber ft. Rascal Flatts