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Farmer Ian Neale Discusses Vegetation With Snoop Dogg

14 Oct

Welsh farmer Ian Neale grows really big vegetables. He recently grew the world’s largest “swede” or rutabaga, which caught the eye of famous rapper Snoop Dogg. The rapper sent out an invitation to Neale via YouTube.

What followed in the aftermath has to be one of the most awkward interviews in the history of the BBC. First, the reporter goes “respect!” after showing Snoop’s invitation, then they actually talk to Neale. He goes on to say that Snoop’s music isn’t his “scene” so he turned the free tickets down, but ultimately did meet the man and smoked some fine “not tobacco.” He also said he had never smoked any “not tobacco” before.

Snoop’s just looking for gardening tips. Respect?

Daily Deal Site for Marijuana Products

19 Feb

If you’re in Colorado and have a prescription for medical marijuana, you’re in luck. A new website, mmjdailydeals.com, launched in February and offers a daily deal on medical marijuana-related products. The site’s creator claims that 10,000 people have already subscribed to his service, which sends a daily targeted offer to subscribers based on their zip code. Even if the business takes off, it might prove challenging to expand. Colorado is currently the only state that allows medical marijuana businesses to operate for profit.

Here’s an example of a daily deal. There is now officially a daily deal site for everything.