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Possibly the Two Worst Songs Ever

15 Mar

In human history. Ever made. Without a doubt. Take a listen if you don’t believe me.

1) Rebecca Black (“Friday”): Poor Rebecca. She probably hoped that one day a song of hers would go viral. Just probably not for these reasons. Her voice is just so bizarre it makes listening painful. Then, she gets autotuned out the wazoo. She pronounces Friday like she’s just learning English. Then, there’s the music video. Rolling Stone says it might be a good thing.

2) Jenna Rose  (“My Jeans”): This song makes me want to listen to Black’s on repeat (!). Oh my god. Talk about Autotuning something to death. She sings about jeans, Miley Cyrus and hanging out with her friends (OMG!). Wow, it’s horrible. And then someone decides that a rap would be a good idea. Wrong. Just so wrong.