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Jeffrey Schreier Has Name Misspelled on 9/11 Memorial

14 Sep

There areĀ 2,983 names etched into the 9/11 memorial that opened in New York on Sunday. Unfortunately, one of those names was spelled incorrectly. Jeffrey Schreier was working in the mail room for Cantor Fitzgerald on 9/11/2001. He, along with 657 fellow employees, died in the terrorist attacks.

His first name was spelled “Jeffery” on the memorial.

“You feel as though Jeffrey’s soul is now looking down and saying, ‘Can’t you get my name right?'” his brother-in-law David Hart said.

A memorial spokesman said, “We regret the error.”

The family hopes for a quick repair to the memorial. “It would just be a beautiful thing for us to come down there and see everything perfect and know his soul is at rest,” Hart said.