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Meet A 132 Pound Infant

24 Mar

Lu Hao started off life at a healthy 5.7 pounds, but has been growing rapidly and putting on lots of weight since he was three months old. He nows weighs an incredible 132 pounds at the age of three, and continues to grow. His weight is roughly five times more than an average child at his age.

At a family meal, Hao tends to eat three full bowls of rice, more than his father and mother combined. Though they recognize that Hao’s weight is a problem, the parents say they must feed him or he will not stop crying. Instead of walking to school, he prefers to catch a ride on his father’s motorcycle.

Though his favorite toy is Superman, Hao acknowledges that he will never be like him because “I am too fat.” Both parents have taken him to hospitals, but his hormone levels are supposedly normal. Now, they fear his heart could fail and that he will endure merciless teasing from the children at schools.

Want to Make History? Get Conceiving!

11 Feb

If you want to make history, why not try for a baby born on 11-11-11? Time Magazine suggests that people get to work if they want that to happen. Ideally, the best day for a woman to conceive would be¬†February¬†18. Assuming they have the normal 28 day cycle, that would put there due date on November 11. But…as anyone who has had a child can tell, babies sometimes have a mind of their own. Basically, try and get pregnant in the next couple of weeks, and hope for some cooperation from baby for a taste of history.

Get to work on your 11/11/11 baby