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2 Examples of Extreme Overcrowding in China

19 Sep

Most people already know that China is the world’s most populous country with more than 1 billion people. Well, here’s two examples of how the country deals with having that many people they need to care for.

1) 66 Children In One Small Van: Police officers in Hebei Province stopped a small van that they suspected of carrying too many children. Inside, they found 66 young schoolchildren crammed into a space that was supposed to carry eight people at most. Someone had removed the backseat and placed four wooden benches in its place. The police provided 12 vans to get the children home safely.

2) That is One Swimming Pool: This scene comes from Daying county in Sichuan province. An underground lake has “salt content is similar to that of the real Dead Sea.” Apparently one hour inside is equivalent to eight hours of sleep. Thus, the crowds of people come.