New Job!

9 Jan

Sorry I’ve been away from this for far too long, but my life has been full of lots of interesting advancements in recent days. I started a new job! I’m pleased to report that I’m now, well reporting, for a company called Bloomberg BNA. My official title is staff reporter in the environmental news division.

It’s a really exciting post. I’m super excited with my colleagues; everyone seems really kind and knowledgable. I should get some experience reporting on Capitol Hill and will wear a bunch of hats (I’ll probably be covering a wide variety of topics).

Our office is located in Crystal City, Virginia. I’m excited about the possibility of potentially biking into work. It sounds like that would be possible with very minimal road riding. The network of trails sounds extensive.

Happy to answer any questions about this new exciting chapter in my life! Oh, and I will begin blogging more frequently again. I do miss my updates.

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