Marco Fabian’s Totally Inappropriate Soccer Celebration

24 Oct

Chivas star forward Marco Fabian was really excited after scoring a goal against Mexican rival Estudiantes Tecos last week. So, he celebrated by pretenting to shoot his teammate Alberto Medina in the head. Needless to say, in a country currently plagued by violent drug gangs and mass executions, the celebration was considered in very poor taste.

“It didn’t cross our mind what people would have ended up thinking,” Fabian said after the game, in an apology. “The truth is Alberto and I made a bet that the first to put in a goal would celebrate that way.”

“We regret the celebration carried out by our players Marco Fabian and Alberto Medina after the goal Fabian scored against the Estudiantes Tecos team,” Chivas said, according to Sky News. “[They] will be reprimanded by the institution, because they are an example for the children and young people of our country.”

Fabian’s goal put his team ahead 2-0. A soccer player in Colombia died after being shot in the head last week.

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