In Italia!

4 Jul

After what will surely go down as one of the more epic voyages of my life, I arrived safely in Italy with 10 new kids on the Experiment in International Living. We’re now close to entering the second week of the program (time flies) and the group has safely arrived in Treviso for our homestay. We’re here until July 16, after which we’ll journey to Bologna, Parma, Modena, Venice and finally Riccione.

Among the highlights of those upcoming travels: a four-day course on how to make artisanal gelato, a visit to a Parmasean cheese farm, learning how prosciutto is made and a tasting of the world-famous balsamic vinegar made in Modena. Should be lots of fun.

I’ll fill everyone in on the adventure getting over here at a later date, but I’m happy to say that I should have regular internet access for the next couple of weeks.

On the negative side, I have discovered that All’Italia is probably the worst airline ever. When we flew from New York, we connected in Paris but my bag didn’t make the trip. It’s now literally a week later and the bag still has not arrived. Supposedly it is in Rome and should be on one of the next flights up here. Not sure I believe that though. The setback is mostly annoying, but getting really aggravating now. Am I entitled to money for this? Please offer your suggestions below.

Will update more in the coming days. A presto! Ciao!

One Response to “In Italia!”

  1. A July 23, 2011 at 1:09 am #

    most airlines will give you a daily stipend for things that were in your luggage. $$ for a toothbrush, change of clothes… something to look into

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