3 Shocking Sports Clips

31 May

Here are three shocking clips from sporting events that happened recently.

1) Ball boy disrupts crucial tennis point: A young ball boy dashed onto the court of the French Open during a crucial point and forced the point to be redone. The incident occurred during the match between Andy Murray and Viktor Troicki. Despite the fact that the ball boy did not disrupt Troicki, the point had to be redone. Murray ultimately staged a comeback and won the match.

2) Baseball player knocked UNCONSCIOUS by errant throw: A game between the Georgia Bulldogs and Florida Gators took a scary turn when the Florida pitcher was knocked unconscious by a throw from his own catcher. Georgia was up by two runs in the first inning when Florida catcher Mike Zunino attempted to throw out a runner stealing second. He tripped over the batter’s foot, causing the throw to go low and strike pitcher Brian Johnson on the head. He collapsed immediately and remained on the ground for several minutes before being removed by stretcher. Thankfully, extensive testing revealed no major fractures or bleeding and Johnson was diagnosed with a concussion. Take a look at the play, but be advised the content may be alarming to some people.

3) Dad drops daughter trying to catch foul ball: Another scary moment, this time in the ninth inning of a game between the Florida Marlins and Los Angeles Dodgers. With a foul ball coming his way, one father dropped his daughter in an effort to catch the ball. She was uninjured, but the father earned a talking from the security personnel at the stadium. Worse yet, he didn’t even catch the foul ball.

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