Inside the Shady Chinese Organ Market

16 May

Al Jazeera takes a look at the shady, unknown black market of organs in China. The country estimates that 1.5 million people need organ transplants but just 10,000 receive them annually. As a result, desperate people in need of money help make up the difference.

A couple of clicks on the Internet bring you to sites offering human organs at reasonable prices.  The story follows one migrant farm worker who offers to sell her kidney for around $50,000. If she decides to follow through, she will travel to Xuzhou city in Jiangsu province where someone will meet her upon arrival. If a physical finds her to be in good health, the dealer will find a suitable match and promises to transfer $50,000 to her bank account before the operation.

Unfortunately, the operators of these black market businesses are hardly reputable and will often only pay $15,000 once the operation is complete.

This is an important story, so thanks to Al Jazeera for publishing it.

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