Michael Bolton Just Became Cool

8 May

You probably don’t remember Michael Bolton‘s peak years. The soft rock king sang his power ballads and won the hearts of millions of women during the 1990s. Well, somehow the Lonely Island guys decided he would be a great contributor for their current album “Turtleneck & Chain.” The song the guys dreamt up focused on a night in the club, but they left the hook up to Bolton.

His hook involved “Jack Sparrow” much to the chagrin of the boys. Apparently, he had just finished watching the “Pirates of the Caribbean” when he wrote it. Throughout the video he channels Johnny Depp‘s Jack Sparrow character, Forrest Gump, Erin Brockovich and Scarface. It’s really funny.

Also worth noting the really convenient timing of the whole thing. Oh, you don’t think it’s coincidental that the fourth “Pirates of the Caribbean” movie opens later this month?  Great marketing strategy.

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