Man in Cow Suit Robs Walmart of Milk

1 May

A man dressed in a cow costume crawled on all fours as he robbed a Stafford County, VirginiaWalmart store of 26 gallons of milk. The incident occurred around 10:30 p.m. on Friday night when the 18-year-old man entered the store in full costume. He obtained a cart and loaded it with gallons of milk. As Walmart staff became suspicious, he left the store on all fours, trying to mimic cattle. There is no word on how he managed to sneak the milk out the store.

Later, witnesses reported the man handing out the milk to random people outside of the Walmart. Police were called to the scene and located the man— without the cow suit— at a local McDonalds. A search of the suspect’s car led police officers to the costume….

For more see the rest of the story at Foodista.

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