Unbelievable Videos of Recent Tornadoes

25 Apr

Locations throughout the United States have seen an incredible number of destructive tornadoes over the last couple of weeks. First, we have the world’s calmest man. He sits in his car and waits as the tornado comes barreling toward him. I’m not really sure why he doesn’t drive away really fast, but he just sits talking calmly. At one point he yells, “hang on, I love you.” Thankfully, he seems to be OK at the end of the day. Some would call him a bad ass, but I prefer “really lucky stupid guy.”

Then, last week a tornado came down suddenly at the St. Louis airport. Somewhat inexplicably and miraculously since the airport was full of people, there were no serious injuries or deaths. Security cameras captured the scene inside one of the terminals.

It was a historic tornado for the city, and left more than 750 homes either destroyed or severely damaged. Incredibly, the airport was up and running at around 70 percent just days after the tornado. More than 50 percent of windows were blown out in Concourse C and airport officials believe it will takes “months” before the airport returns to normal. St. Louis has the nation’s 30th busiest airport with over 12 million people passing through it annually. What makes the airport’s recovery more impressive is the damage visible in this video, shot during and immediately following the tornado.

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