Mark Malkoff Beats NYC Bus on a Big Wheel Tricycle

7 Apr

Comedian Mark Malkoff loves the big stunts. Previously, he lived in IKEA and visited every one of the 171 Starbucks in Manhattan IN ONE DAY.  Well, for his latest stunt he sought out to prove something any New Yorker probably already knows: the crosstown buses are really slow.

He decided to race a bus from 10th Ave. to Madison (or about 1 mile) on a Big Wheel Trike. That’s a child’s toy. He completed his mission in 12 minutes, 42 seconds. The bus? 15 minutes and 20 seconds. Mark’s average speed? 4.7 mph. The bus averaged 3.9 mph. Apparently, that would beat 6 other NYC buses. Ouch!

Another note: Mark actually pedaled in traffic to accomplish this feat. Now, that’s gutsy.

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