119 Million Twitter Accounts Considered Dormant

5 Apr


Bad news for Twitter and their multi billion valuation. An insider granted Business Insider access to some of the company’s user information. That analysis showed that there are fewer than 21 million active Twitter accounts and more than 68 percent of the 175 million registered accounts could be considered dormant. In order to be considered “active,” a user must follow at least 32 people. A more generous definition considers an active user anyone who follows more than eight people, in which case there are 56 million accounts.

Now, those figures aren’t nearly as bad as they sound. Other popular social networking sites like MySpace (41 million) and Huffington Post (30 million daily) have similar reach as Twitter. They aren’t good either.  The numbers suggest that the importance of Twitter are vastly overstated. Certainly organizations relying on Twitter to convey information to customers could be overestimating it’s reach.

It almost sounds to me like Twitter is creating a niche for itself. Certain parties (celebrities, reporters) will use it to share quick tidbits of information amongst themselves and a small contingent of interested people, but the vast majority of people don’t care or won’t follow them.


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