Are These April Fools Jokes?

1 Apr

I really can’t tell. Both would be horrifying (though one more so) if true.

1) Urban Improv Performer Attacked: This seems like something that could be a joke, but it seems horrifyingly real. The joke was supposed to be that an actor dressed like Jar Jar Binks jumped on the subway and began chatting with people on the car. At the next stop a character dressed as Darth Maul was supposed to board as well, followed by a fight. Unfortunately, a real fight broke out. Three guys were annoyed by Jar Jar and jumped him. Improv Everywhere employee Charlie added a disclaimer at the end of the movie and said the actor wanted to press charges. If you know anything about the incident, Improv Everywhere wants you to contact them.

2) Desperate Chefs’ Wives: So, renowned chef and restauranteur Jose Andres took to Twitter this morning, claiming that NBC ordered a show called Desperate Chefs’ Wives. It will feature the wives of Tom Colicchio, Anthony Bourdain, Eric Ripert, Andres and Conan O’Brien (?). Now, I would automatically assume this was an April Fools joke, but NBC makes such terrible programming decisions that there is small chance it’s true. Not likely though.

NEw Show Andres

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