Do Not Steal Computers From Computer Nerds

23 Mar

Several months ago a guy spotted a computer and grabbed it. Maybe he knew who it belonged to, but he most likely did not. For the computer’s owner was Mark Bao, founder of and several other young internet startups. Bad move. The young computer whiz was able to remotely access his browser’s history.

He found lots of interestng things. Among them: photos that the thief took of himself in Photo Booth (pretty easy to spot him) and the following video. It features the thief dancing to Tyga’s “Make It Rain.” Don’t think he’ll win any prizes for that dancing any time soon.

Eventually, the thief turned himself in and actually sent Bao an email, hoping he would take down the video. He said that he had two jobs and wanted to protect his reputation. Bao declined. Congrats thief, you’re all over YouTube.

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