Ann Coulter Says Japanese Nuclear Radiation Good For You

22 Mar

Ann Coulter

Gosh, have I been following the wrong news sources for the past couple of decades. Turns out, the media hysteria is to blame for me foolishly believing that nuclear radiation could have a negative impact on my body. Conservative columnist Ann Coulter wrote a story for her website called “The Glowing Report on Radiation.” In that report we learn that a growing body of scientific work actually suggests that periodic exposure to radiation helps activate your cells’ cancer fighting resources.

In an appearance on Bill O’Reilly’s show, Coulter did her best to defend herself from O’Reilly himself. He said that prevailing wisdom suggests we should avoid large-scale radiation, pointing to the atomic bombs as evidence of that fact. Coulter wouldn’t budge on her claims. Hmmm… well call me crazy, but I think I’m still going to stay far away from anything resembling radiation. Ann Coulter hasn’t quite convinced me yet.


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