Amazing Bread Lady of Manzanillo

22 Mar

How about a little blogging related to where I’m vacationing this week. We have set up shop in Manzanillo, Mexico, which is located in the state of Colima. It’s located right on the Pacific coast and survives mainly thanks to tourists. Many American and Canadian retirees come down here for extended stays because of the friendly locals and good exchange rate (12 pesos per dollar). Anyways, our days are mainly full of fun in the sun, playing in the waves and short walks into the little village to buy food.

However, one of my favorite parts of the day actually occurs at night. Every evening, the time varies daily, a lady comes up and sets up a mobile bread and pastry box on one street corner located by our hotel. This year she’s become even younger, and even comes with a friend sometimes. Now, they cannot be older than 16. Anyways, that’s not the important part. Her little box appears for a couple of hours on the corner and she sells breads.

As you can see from the picture, the box is fairly small. We’re not sure where the bread comes from (we haven’t found any bakers nearby), we don’t know how they come up with their selection and it’s also not clear how they price it (seems to change daily). Most of the bread is quite good, probably not the best in Mexico but pretty good coming from the little bread box on the corner. I feel fortuitous to have found her.  Check out Darcy and Cassie browsing the selection:

I don’t think a lady like her could operate in the United States.

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