29 Percent of Americans Cannot Name Vice President

21 Mar

American Flag

According to Newsweek, who administered the U.S. Citizenship test to 1000 people, 29 percent of Americans cannot identify the Vice President of the United States (Joe Biden). Perhaps more shockingly, 38 percent of people failed the test outright. Here’s some other pretty important stuff that most Americans don’t know anything about.

  • 73 percent cannot name why we fought the Cold War
  • 44 percent cannot identify the Bill of Rights
  • 6 percent cannot correctly identify Independence Day on a map.

The article goes on to describe some pretty interesting information. Nearly 80 percent of Americans oppose any cuts to Medicare, Social Security or Medicaid though more than 70 percent want smaller government. Also, roughly 15 percent more Europeans can identify the Taliban than Americans.

Sad stuff, really.  Take the test yourself.

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