Lickety Split Ice Cream Truck Actually Sells $1 Million in Oxycodone

19 Mar

Staten Island had one of the most popular ice cream trucks last summer, but for all the wrong reasons. Two men used the Lickety Split ice cream as a front to sell the highly addictive painkiller Oxycodone for $20 a pop. Allegedly, the two men found an accomplice who swiped blank doctor’s script from an unsuspecting practitioner in Manhattan. The men then forged the prescriptions and had a team of runners— friends, family and addicts— fill the orders at various pharmacies.

Though a poorly kept secret in the community, no one told the police of the scheme until a runner was arrested with a suspicious prescription. Now, 31 people have been indicted for the scheme. The two ringleaders allegedly acquired the pills for $1.66 each but sold them for $20. Over the course of a year, they sold 42,755 pills and netted more than $1 million.

Lickety Split Ice Cream

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