Wall Street Journal Gets Story Completely Wrong

10 Mar

Last week, the Wall Street Journal wrote an in-depth feature piece about Manganaro’s, a deli and restaurant in New York City that would finally close after decades of fighting between brothers and endless litigation. The story detailed the fighting between two brothers that drove a wedge into business and resulted in lots of litigation in courtrooms. Entitled “Eatery Closes After Decades-Long Family Spat,” the story seemed really touching.

One problem. The restaurant is not closing. Restaurant owner Seline Dell’Orto told The New York Observer that the family put the 5-story building they own on the market, but had no intention of closing the restaurant. After the admission, the Journal put out a pretty lame statement:

“While not the best [headline] we’ve ever written, it’s meant to convey the process of closing rather than the moment of closure”

Yeah, whatever. Your reporter screwed up. In the original story, the reporter claimed that many customers complained that the owners were not friendly to customers. Ms. Dell’Orto (one of the owners) replied:

“It’s in the genes! Italians all have the jealousy and gloating and ‘I’m gonna fuck you’ gene.”

Hmmm…. the customer is always right?

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