2 Really Weird Places to Try to Grow Drugs

5 Mar

I saw two stories in the past few days that made me wonder, why did you think this was the best place to make drugs? Here’s the two spots:

1) Inside a day care center: Katrina Epperson and Christopher Webb were about to open a 24-hour day care center facility for the little ones in their North Carolina community. To supplement that income, they had apparently been making meth inside the same house where they planned to open the day care. State officials visited the house twice before granting the license, but didn’t notice the meth. Police realized something was amiss when they saw how much pseudoephedrine— a common ingredient in meth production— the couple bought.

2) The Basement of Bloomingdale’s: This incident occurred in Washington DC. Police were conducting a routine patrol of the area when they noticed the back door to the basement of the building was opened. Upon confronting the man inside, they determined that they had enough probable cause to investigate the area. They found a large marijuana cultivation operation in the basement, along with distribution supplies.

The accussed

The accused from the first crime

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