Most Shopping Carts Contain Fecal Bacteria

2 Mar

Another silly scientific study, but this one is silly because I just didn’t need to know the results. Like going to the supermarket and using shopping carts? You shouldn’t. Researchers from the University of Arizona examined 85 shopping carts from around 4 states. They found that 72 percent of those carts contained the marker for fecal bacteria. When they examined 36 of those carts more closely, they found half of them contained e coli bateria.

Lead researcher Charles Gerba said the shopping carts were more contaminated than the average public bathroom. Say what? Well, public bathrooms are usually cleaned and disinfected daily, while shopping carts are rarely (if ever) cleaned. Additionally, reusable grocery bags contain large amounts of bacteria. Gerba compared using them consistently to “wearing the same underwear every day.”

You can use a disinfectant wipe before pushing a cart, and wash your bags every so often. Or you can panic and just give up.

Shopping Carts

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