Another Religious Figure Nabbed For Sex Crime

1 Mar

Unfortunately, these stories have become far too common. Today’s culprit from the pulpit is Rev. Grant Storms. In the past, Storms angrily protested the Southern Decadence festival in New Orleans, which celebrated the gay and lesbian lifestyle during a three-day festival during Labor Day weekend.

Today, New Orleans police officers arrested Storms for masturbating at a park while looking at kids playing on nearby equipment. A woman was unloading her car when she spotted Storms in his van. She removed her children from the van and asked another woman to confirm what she saw. After confirming, a park employee called police and watched Storms until they arrived.

Initially, Storms offered perhaps the lamest excuse ever for his behavior. He said that he needed to urinate, but didn’t want to use the restroom and opted for a water bottle. Weird. Later, Storms confessed to having his “hands in his pants” but denied masturbating or any other inappropriate behavior.

Grant Storms

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