Indian Foreign Minister Reads Wrong Speech at UN

20 Feb

S.M. Krishna spoke before the United Nations about poverty and social unrest, reading from the text of a speech. Too bad it wasn’t his speech. Krishna actually was reading the Portuguese foreign minister’s prepared remarks. Once Luis Amado finished speaking, Krishna picked up a circulated copy of Amado’s speech and began speaking. He noted, with pleasure, how great it was to have two Portugese-speaking countries at the same event. India loves the Portugese language after all.

Admittedly, Amado ditched the prepared remarks for his speech and spoke extemporaneously. How confusing! The mistake was only realized when the speech referred to the need for strengthened relations between the European Union and the UN. No India in the EU. As a defense, several analysts remind us that speeches before the UN often reference broad themes and speak in generalities. They obviously never took public speaking classes!

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