Review: Sitka and Spruce

16 Feb

So, I had read lots of wonderful things about Sitka & Spruce before actually eating there myself. Lots of reviewers thought it was pretty much amazing. Now, admittedly, it’s the type of place I would like. Nestled in the rear of the new Melrose Market, the restaurant is the anchor of a building devoted to seasonal, local ingredients. There’s a butcher shop, flower shop and sandwich place all offering local, delicious things to eat. But the restaurant is the real star.

We picked a bit of an odd time to come. Valentine’s night, for one. Sitka and Spruce is not usually open on Mondays, but they’ve made an exception over the recent weeks for taco nights, which feature Mexico City-style tacos. The restaurant space itself is tiny, so it added to the casual feel of the evening. Much like Fremont’s Revel, the space has a large butcher table that both chefs and customers utilize. You get to watch everything that’s going on in the kitchen.

For starters, we selected guacamole and chips. Chunky, and delicious (Darcy liked it even more than I did). The tacos themselves were delicious (I opted for the flank steak, while Darcy had tacos al pastor). I thought both were good, and seemed really authentic. Nothing was overly pretentious. The food was simple, but showcased superior ingredients.

Complimented by really kind and friendly staff, the restaurant totally lived up to the hype I’d heard about it. With a menu that changes daily, I’m excited to go back and experience something completely different. Check it out, fellow Seattleites.

Inside Melrose Market's Sitka and Spruce

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