Daily Deals Resales Increase

10 Feb

Have you ever bought a deal from Groupon, Living Social or Tippr that you had a hard time using? If yes, then rest assured that several websites waiting to sell you someone else’s unused coupon have sprung up. According to Mashable, websites like CoupRecoup, DealsGoRound, Lifesta and Dealigee have emerged to sell unused daily coupons to other consumers.

Often times, users cannot use the coupons they purchase in time. This tiny niche has allowed for these new companies to emerge. With estimates suggesting that the daily coupon market could reach $5 billion in value this year, that small niche could also become profitable. Again according to Mashable, only 85 percent of coupons are actually reedemed, meaning that 15 percent of all purchases could go towards these new companies.

Keep an eye on this growing market.

Living Social, Groupon, Tippr

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